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From passive to active, enhance core competitiveness of toy products in the market

Recently, SZETO Mr in accept interview Shi told reporter, with yiqian do toy products processing production Shi of scene completely different has, now no longer is roughing but fine design, roughing of stage, toy production enterprise as long as according to customer of requirements with needs to do foot time on can has, today of toy production enterprise change has face also should to change about direction, maximum of change is of passive for active, technology talent or, brand products promotion or, are must change!

It is understood that the former toys product OEM, all customer orders will come on its own. How about now? Now is to regain the initiative of enterprises themselves have to be very active to find customers. It is because of this change, toy production enterprises in market research is not so surprising scenes. "In order to more accurately understand the needs of every consumer preferences, this area really cannot be ignored. "Reporters, Mr SZETO said.……

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